Yasmina Sahir

Advocacy and Engagement Intern

Pronouns: she/her

As a person focused on the inclusion and equity components of DEI, my work as an Advocacy and Engagement Intern centers on ensuring all students can partake in IYWP activities if they feel they would find a sense of belonging within our programs. I find joy in writing because it's a tool for processing the positive and negative parts of life, from self-talk and daily peer interactions to conflicting world events. I strongly believe working with youth helps foster future leaders as everyone will become dependent on younger generations at some point in our lives. Learning from and listening to each other's experiences is one way we can build collaborative, creative spaces in our Iowa City community.

Advice to younger self: It's always better to be true to yourself even if the journey is a bit lonelier at times. It's better to have a small, loyal circle of friends than a wider, less genuine one.

Criminology and Social Justice