Donors make the IYWP's work possible. 

Help us educate, inspire, and empower young writers today. 

Your donation, of any size, made online or mailed, makes a big difference. 

Thank you. 




Mail a check to: University of Iowa Center for Advancement, PO Box 4550, Iowa City, IA 52244-4550.

Be sure to write IYWP on the memo line of the check.


The University of Iowa Center for Advancement will process your donation and send a tax acknowledgement right away. 

Look at the bottom to see that your donation is coded to the Iowa Youth Writing Project Fund. 

All money donated to that fund supports the Iowa Youth Writing Project. 

Later, the IYWP will send a letter thanking you for your donation and telling you the great things that we can do because of your support. 



thank you donors